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Group Curriculum Resources Page

Thank you for your purchase of the Francis and Friends Group Curriclum. Below you will find a variety of resources to help you get the most out of the program as you offer it to others in your church, school, or community. If you have any questions, please contact us.  Have fun! 

Leader's Guide

This downloadable, reproducible Leader's Guide gives you a full overview of the program and helps you put on a great Francis and Friends event.  There is an outline for doing the program as a Vacation Bible School, weekly seasonal Sunday School, Nature Club program, private school unit, or weekend Family Retreat.  The curriculum provides resources for opening gatherings, video reflections questions, sending times and take-home parent pages.  The Appendix lists suggestions for finding local community resources, suggested songs, decoration ideas, publicity ideas, answers frequently asked questions, and lists suggested books for both children and adults about Francis and Clare.


Option A: Download the 5 Videos (with puppet introductions)

(Hint: look for the "Download" button just below the video on each of these pages.)

Option B: Download the 5 videos with only the cartoons (no puppet introductions)

If you would prefer to do the puppet skits live and in person, here are videos that just contain the cartoons of Francis and Friends: Introduction, Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength.

(Hint: look for the "Download" button just below the video on each of these pages.)


Puppet Skits

For those who are choosing to do the puppet skits live, this script gives the dialogue between the leader and the puppets.


Purchase Puppets

At this time, we are not selling our own version of the Danny, Sally and Olivia puppets.  However, if you would like your own set of puppets to use with this program, you can order puppets online that should work well for you such as these: donkey, squirrel, and owl.


Kids' Workbook

The Kids' Workbook includes the video-based questions in the Leader's Guide as well as a supplemental worksheet page for each of the 5 units.  You can use this page as a time filler or have children work on it with their families.


You will find over 30 different activity ideas to select for your Francis and Friends program on the following pages:

The Passport

Download this passport so the children can chart their progress through the program!  There are written instructions and a video to show you how to assemble the passport.

Decoration Ideas

In addition to what's listed in the Leaders' Guide, visit our Pinterest page on Outdoor Playplaces for ideas.

Promotional Video

Watch or download the promotional video here to share with other leaders, parents, and kids.  You might share it on your social media, play before worship or Sunday School, or share the video link by email to help spread the word and generate interest.

(Hint: look for the "Download" button just below the video.)


Promotional Posters

A promotional poster is available to use in both 8.5x11 and 11x17 inch sizes.

Promotional Images

You can download and use these images for use in fliers, bulletins, newsletters, websites, and other promotional materials about your Francis and Friends program.

Completion Certificates

Print off copies of the program completion certificate here.  Give one to each child at the end of the program.

Francis and Friends Idea Exchange

In addition to all the Activities that come with the program, you have access to a special group on Facebook to share your ideas and find ideas from other people leading a Francis and Friends event.  Head on over to check it out now.  We also host a Pinterest board with lots of ideas for fun outdoor activities with kids.

Did you enjoy Francis and Friends?

I hope so. I created Francis and Friends to help parents, pastors, and educators introduce children to the wonderful stories and lessons of St. Francis and St. Clare. It was a labor of love. Though I am offering the program for free, it still takes money to maintain the site and program and continue to develop other following The Way resources. If you're inclined to make a donation of some kind for using this program, you can do so over on the main following The Way website.

Christ's peace, Rich

© Richard L. Nelson, all rights reserved

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