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1. Watch the video
2. Choose your activities:

Blessing of the Animals

Create an event around blessing animals - just like Francis did!

Breakfast out Back

Enjoy the magic of a new day dawning!

Cloud Watching

What do you see?

Exploring Small Spaces

There's more than meets the eye

Seasons of the Year

Celebrating changes


The gift of downsizing

Spirit and Breath

Exploring the gift of air

Walking Meditation

Using our bodies as a spiritual practice

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3. Track your progress:

Keep track of the activities you have completed on your Francis and Friends Passport.  When you have completed 5 or more Strength Activities, you can download your achievement certificate (below). Earn the achievment certificates in each of the Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength units, and you can send a message to Francis and Clare that you have earned your Francis and Friends Award Medal.  


If you haven't created a Passport yet, click below to create one.

4. Earn your awards:

Have you completed 5 or more Strength activities?  Great! Download your Certificate of Achievement.

5. Share and find ideas:
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