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1. Watch the video
2. Choose your activities:


Explore the power of forgiveness

Go canoeing

Learn the love of water

Nature Immersion

Soak all of your senses in the beauty of nature

Peace Prayer

a famous poem attributed to Francis

Soak in the Sea/Stream

enjoy the gift of water

Valuing Water

The importance of our water supply

Wolf's Paws

Learn about the magnificent wolf

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3. Track your progress:

Keep track of the activities you have completed on your Francis and Friends Passport.  When you have completed 5 or more Soul Activities, you can download your achievement certificate (below). Earn the achievment certificates in each of the Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength units, and you can send a message to Francis and Clare that you have earned your Francis and Friends Award Medal.  


If you haven't created a Passport yet, click below to create one.

4. Earn your awards:

Have you completed 5 or more Soul activities?  Great! Download your Certificate of Achievement.

5. Share and find ideas:
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