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How Francis and Friends can support you


The work of Christian education and faith formation is incredibly challenging.  You face limited time, limited resources and limited money while trying to "compete" for the attention of the families you serve.  The Francis and Friends Group Curriculum is designed to be a collaborative effort, a great resource, at a very reasonable cost compared to most Sunday School or VBS curricula.  Below are some frequently asked questions.  If these don't get it for you, please contact us!


What is included?

Francis and Friends is a program that can be experienced either as a single family or as a group of families/children.  The single family registration grants access to one family but the Group Curriculum registration grants access to a church, school, club, etc., includes a Leader's Guide, and provides a wealth of additional resources for doing the program together. 


How much preparation is required?

This program is created by Rev. Rich Nelson who has served as an Episcopal school chaplain, an urban youth pastor, the pastor of a rural congregation, a life-long Sunday School teacher, and an experienced curriculum writer.  He knows that people need easy to use materials and Francis and Friends is designed to be a simple, user-friendly resource.  


How do you help me resource my community?

One of the unique things about the Francis and Friends program is the ways it encourages you to connect with the resources that already exist in your local community.  You will be surprised at the number of speakers, organizations and locations in your area that can help you make a group experience of Francis and Friends a snap! 


How are parents involved?

Francis and Friends grows out of a commitment to involve parents in the faith formation of their children. Parents can be invited to participate alongside their children or you can resource families to continue to explore the program on their own time.  One of the great assets of the Francis and Friends program is the ability to easily link group learning to continued family participation and involvement in the program through the Family Clubhouse membership.


What is the theology behind the program?

Francis and Friends is built on the loving, inclusive, peaceful, non-judgmental theology of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi.  The entire focus of the program is to encourage children to grow into these same values, loving God and their neighbors with all their Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength as described in the Great Commandment.


Who created Francis and Friends?

This program is created by Rev. Rich Nelson (an Episcopal priest, former school chaplain, and dad) and a group of amazing contributors who work in outdoor education and faith formation.  Rich is the creator and animator of the Following the Way® series of discipleship resources.  Each of these resources is centered around helping individuals and small groups explore and apply the meaning of the Great Commandment in their lives.  For more information or to contact Rich, visit his personal website.

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